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Product Discontinuation | Sign Finishes Grip-Gard BC Translucent Fast Reducer

Due to low market demand the 5-gallon fill size of Grip-Gard BC Translucent Fast Reducer will be discontinued immediately.
The 1-gallon fill size will remain in production.

Item NumberProduct Description Fill Size 
483796 Grip-Gard BC Translucent Fast Reducer 5 Gallon 

Product Launch | Sign Finishes - Grip-Mask 2.0

Grip-Mask 2.0 is water-based, solvent-resistant strippable coating used during the painting and decorating of signs. The transparent or blue options form a flexible protective layer over the substrate yet peels off easily once the job is complete.

Grip-Mask 2.0 is an enhanced and upgraded version of Grip-Mask. The improved version delivers on quality with quicker dry times, enhanced ease of use, and it leaves no residue behind. Grip-Mask 2.0 is less than 1 lb/gal VOC, is sprayed with traditional equipment, and requires no mixing. Available now! 

Grip Mask 2.0.png

Item NumberProduct DescriptionFill Size
584125 Grip-Mask 2.0 Transparent 5 GL 
584122 Grip-Mask 2.0 Transparent 53 GL 
584123 Grip-Mask 2.0 Blue 5 GL 
584127 Grip-Mask 2.0 Blue 53 GL 

Key features:  

  • Easy to use with standard spray equipment
  • Requires fewer coats to achieve dry film thickness 
  • Available in both blue and transparent colors

Order Sell Sheet

Download Sell Sheet

Grip-Gard EFx-LV Effects - Updated Sell Sheet - Now Available (EN)

An updated Grip-Gard EFx-LV Effects sell sheet is available for order in English. 
With this sales tool, you can support an ongoing sales conversation by presenting the product offering; including benefits and quick facts of EFx-LV Effects. 
Each of the effects, including reflective, speckled, and textured options, instantly amplifies any color by adding vivid dimension and unrivaled mar resistance. 


  • Effects share common, VOC-flexible hardeners
  • Approved for use in all North American markets
  • Recreates nature-like surfaces with superior scratch resistance
  • Creates a dramatic effect with profound uniformity
  • Utilizes the existing EFx-LV toner system
To order a professional print version, the sell sheet is available under the “Sign Finishes” category on the AkzoNobel Literature & Collateral Webshop.
The item number is AKZ-9000-8043; the cost per 10/pk is $8.11. 

Support Materials: 

New Color Elements Fan Deck Kit is Now Available

A new comprehensive color tool is now available for Sign Finishes.
AkzoNobel is happy to introduce the new Sign Finishes Color Elements fan deck kit.

This compact, easy-to-use color selection tool includes two color chromatic fan decks comprised of Sign Finishes solid and effects colors, encompassing high-gloss and satin-gloss representations.

The Color Elements kit is a dynamic tool offering quick and easy color selection within the sign industry. The kit can also be used to meet the color needs of architects and designers as they begin to incorporate color in their specifications on their designs. The kit showcases 630 color chips of high gloss and satin finish chips, featuring various shades of the different pigments included.


Color Elements Book 2.png

Item Details:
Item number:  2010087
Price:  $195.50
Dimensions: 13.5" L x 9" H x 2" W
Weight:  5.6 lbs

To order the Color Elements kit, please contact customer service at:

Sign Finishes Grip-Gard White Washprimer 5GL Discontinued

Due to low market demand the 5-gallon fill size of Grip-Gard White Washprimer Light Enhancing will be discontinued immediately. The 1-gallon fill size will remain in production.

Discontinued Product:

Item NumberProduct DescriptionFill Size
483802Grip-Gard White Washprimer Light Enhancing 5GL

Sign Finishes – Grip-Gard LV Accelerator Now Available

Now available for order, AkzoNobel Sign Finishes is happy to announce the launch of Grip-Gard® LV Accelerator.

This quick-dry additive is built to accelerate the cure time of Grip-Gard EFx-LV, Grip-Gard Universal Clears, Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer, and Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer LV systems.  With a low VOC, it's perfect for both regulated and National Rule markets.

Only a small amount of Grip-Gard LV Accelerator is needed to reduce bake times and get the job done fast.

Item NumberProduct DescriptionFill Size
575964Grip-Gard LV Accelerator250 ml

Sell Sheet

Product Launch | Sign Finishes - Grip-Gard BC Flattening Agent 890

Now available for order, Grip-Gard BC Flattening Agent 890 is the ideal additive for creating a more matte appearance in the Grip-Gard BC Single Stage system.  When used with the 95LG Single Stage Binder, this flattening agent lowers the gloss level while maintaining the superior application properties Grip-Gard is known for.

The additive replaces the reducer in a simple mix ratio of 5:1:1 and provides greater flexibility to adjust gloss levels.

​Item #
​Item Description
​Grip-Gard BC Flattening Agent 890

Support Materials:

Sell Sheet PDF - English

New Quart Fill Size for Select Grip-Gard EFx-LV Toners – Now Available

AkzoNobel proudly introduces a new quart fill size for ten different Grip-Gard EFx-LV toners.

Offering revolutionary speed, exacting color, and best-in-class appearance and performance, Grip-Gard EFx-LV now provides a compact quart size for select toners, delivering greater value and convenience. 

New Grip-Gard EFx-LV Quart Assortment:

Item #Item Description
579424Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B617 (1QT)
579425Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B622 (1QT)
579426Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B624 (1QT)
579427Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B627 (1QT)
579428Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B640 (1QT)
579429Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B649 (1QT)
579430Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B663 (1QT)
579431Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B681U (1QT)
579432Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B641 (1QT)
579433Grip-Gard EFx-LV MM B645 (1QT)

Sell Sheet PDF – English

® Surfacer Sealer Hardeners & Reducers – Fill Size Change

The same formulation for all five Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer Hardeners and Reducers are now supplied in 1QT (replacing the 1GL offering) for convenience and improved inventory management.

New quart-size item numbers: 

Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer Reducer LV:     576879
Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer Hardener:         576880
Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer Fast Activator:  576881
Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer Reducer:           576882
Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer Hardener LV:    576883

New Sign Finishes Promotional Items Available for Order!

The AkzoNobel promotional goods store has extended its offering of Sign Finishes branded items and has upgraded its existing variety; here you can find items such as t-shirts, caps, signage, magnets, and more.

Order Sign Finishes promotional items by visiting the store in the link below.

AkzoNobel Promotional Goods Webshop

NEW Grip-Gard
® LV Accelerator

A quick-dry, low-VOC additive built to accelerate the cure time of Grip-Gard EFx-LV, Grip-Gard Universal Clears, Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer, and Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer LV systems.

  • Helps increase throughput and boost profits
  • Approved for use in Regulated and National Rule markets
  • < 2.8 lbs/gal VOC

Product Sheet - Grip-Gard LV Accelerator

NEW Grip-Gard
® BC Flattening Agent 890

The ideal additive for creating a more matte appearance and lowering the gloss level while maintaining superior performance.

  • 5:1:1 mix ratio
  • Greater flexibility to adjust gloss levels
  • Achieves a rich matte appearance in the Grip-Gard BC Single Stage System

Product Sheet - Grip-Gard BC Flattening Agent 890

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