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Auto Prep Pretreatment Wipes

Auto Prep Pretreatment Wipes

AutoPrep Pretreatment Wipes produce a chrome-free conversion coating forming chemical bonds with metal surfaces enhancing adhesion and corrosion resistance of applied paints and paint systems. 

These disposable, pre-saturated wipes are packaged in a unique canister with a spring-loaded lid to ensure the material remains moist. 

This new, disposable 9” x 12.5” wipe format is an easier and safer application method that will streamline the metal treatment process and reduce waste disposal costs.  

AutoPrep Pretreatment Wipes can be used in conjunction with Grip-Gard Sealer, Grip-Gard HB Surfacer and Grip-Gard Epoxy Primers. 

For additional AutoPrep Pretreatment Wipes product information, click below:

AutoPrep Pretreatment Wipes Overview

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