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Grip-Gard BC Basecoat

Grip-Gard BC Basecoat

Grip-Gard BC Basecoat is designed specifically to meet the color, application, and quality demands of the sign and exhibit manufacturer. With extremely fast tape times and a tremendous range of solid, metallic, and pearl colors Grip-Gard BC Basecoat is ideal for fast production particularly on multi-colored signs. Grip-Gard BC Basecoat must be used in conjunction with Grip-Gard Universal Clear to provide protection from the environment.

Assorted Item #s
Grip-Gard BC Basecoat Toners

Item # 391264Grip-Gard BC Fast Reducer: Temp: 60°F–75°F (16°C – 24°C). 
Item # 391265Grip-Gard BC Med Reducer: Temp: 70°F–85°F (21°C - 30°C).
Item # 391266Grip-Gard BC Slow Reducer: Temp: 80°F–95°F (27°C–35°C)
Item # 391267Grip-Gard BC Extra Slow Reducer: Temp: above 95°F (35°C).
Item # 571430 Grip-Gard Universal Clear High Gloss 
Item # 563423Grip-Gard Universal Clear Satin Gloss 
Item # 563426Grip-Gard Universal Clear Low Gloss

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