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Grip-Gard BC Single Stage Binders

Grip-Gard BC Single Stage Binders

Grip-Gard BC Single Stage Binders are specially blended acrylic resins which convert Grip-Gard BC toners into a fast drying, durable single stage urethane topcoat. The binders are available in high gloss, satin gloss, and low gloss levels to meet a variety of project needs. Single Stage systems do not require clearcoats except for those with longer warranty requirements.

Assorted Item #s

Grip-Gard BC Basecoat Toners

Item # 571288Grip-Gard BC Single Stage MM 95HG
Item # 571287Grip-Gard BC Single Stage MM 95SG
Item # 571272Grip-Gard BC Single Stage MM 95LG
Item # 563553Grip-Gard Universal Hardener 3.5
Item # 391264Grip-Gard BC Fast Reducer
Item # 391265Grip-Gard BC Medium Reducer
Item # 391266Grip-Gard BC Slow Reducer
Item # 391267Grip-Gard BC Extra Slow Reducer

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