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Grip-Gard Primers

Grip-Gard Primers

Sign Finishes launches new Grip-Gard Primers 

The new primers, available in both urethane and epoxy technologies, offer flexibility in use as primer surfacers and sealers, while meeting the National Rule and most stringent VOC regulations in North America.

Grip-Gard Surfacer Sealer can be used as a wet-on-wet sealer or primer surfacer, making it the ideal choice for sign shops.

  • Can be used as a wet-on-wet sealer or primer surfacer
  • Fast drying, excellent leveling, opacity and coverage
  • Multiple color selections available: black, white, gray
  • LV option meets the most stringent VOC regulations

Grip-Gard DTM Epoxy Primer is a high solid, low VOC, direct-to-metal (DTM) epoxy primer that can be used as a high build primer surfacer or wet-on-wet primer sealer over most substrates.

  • Superior results over sanded aluminum and steel substrates
  • Direct to metal properties eliminate the need for pretreatment on most substrates for a faster and simpler process
  • Can be used as primer surfacer or sealer with VOC flexibility (2.1 or 3.5 lbs/gal) - increases options with reduced inventory
  • Consistent performance in wide environmental conditions

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