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Grip-Gard Structural DTM

Grip-Gard Structural DTM

​Grip-Gard Structural DTM is a two-component direct-to-metal topcoat finish. It is designed to provide a simple, effective one product solution for protecting and topcoating the structural components of signs. Grip-Gard Structural

DTM is a 3.5 pound per gallon VOC compliant ready mix (RM) product intended for use on a variety of metal substrates.

Item # 573690                  Grip-Gard Structural DTM Hardener 5L
Item # 573691                  Grip-Gard Structural DTM Airdry Additive 1L
Assorted Price Codes      Grip-Gard Structural DTM RM (ready mixed)

All colors will be mixed out of the Chicago Mixing Center. Please contact Customer Service to order. 

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