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Grip-Mask 2.0

Grip-Mask 2.0

Grip-Mask 2.0

Grip-Mask 2.0 is an enhanced and upgraded version of Grip-Mask. Having served the sign industry for years, Grip-Mask has been the choice of water-based, strippable coatings used in painting and decorating signs. Grip-Mask 2.0 builds on the legacy of its predecessor, but with improved design and performance. Grip-Mask 2.0 delivers on quality with quicker dry time, enhanced ease of use, and with no residue left behind.

Item # 584125   Grip-Mask 2.0 Transparent 5GL

Item # 584122   Grip-Mask 2.0 Transparent 53GL

Item # 584123   Grip-Mask 2.0 Blue 5GL

Item # 584127   Grip-Mask 2.0 Blue 53GL

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