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HB Surfacer

HB Surfacer

Grip-Gard HB Surfacer is a two-component urethane sanding surfacer with exceptionally high film build properties. Grip-Gard HB Surfacer exhibits easy sanding characteristics (wet or dry) after short drying times. Minimal film shrinkage of Grip-Gard HB Surfacer results in maximum enamel holdout when the topcoat is applied.

Grip-Gard HB Surfacer can be applied over all Grip-Gard primers as well as most existing paint finishes. It also serves as an excellent primer with great filling properties over many
urethane foam products.

Grip-Gard HB surfacer should not be used as a substitute for Grip-Gard primers over raw metal.

Item # 390208HB Surfacer1 gallon
Item # 393697HB Surfacer Hardener1 gallon
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