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Grip-Gard BC Interior Binders

Grip-Gard BC Interior Binders

Grip-Gard BC Basecoat offers coatings for interior signage at a variety of gloss levels without the need for a clearcoat. The system utilizes the Grip-Gard BC toners and a set of unique binders eliminating the need for excess inventory. The coatings also comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.

Assorted Item #s

Grip-Gard BC Basecoat Toners

Item # 572016Grip-Gard BC Binder 90 Interior Satin
Item # 397617Grip-Gard BC Binder 91 Interior Matte
Item # 483310Grip-Gard BC Translucent Fast Reducer 1GL
Item # 483796Grip-Gard BC Translucent Fast Reducer 5GL
Item # 483311Grip-Gard BC Translucent Medium Reducer 1GL
Item # 483797Grip-Gard BC Translucent Medium Reducer 5GL
Item # 483519Grip-Gard BC Translucent Medium Reducer 53GL
Item # 483312Grip-Gard BC Translucent Slow Reducer

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