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Surface Cleaners

Surface Cleaners

Sign Finishes offers a variety of cleaners that remove dirt, grease, and wax.

M600 Surfacer Cleaner

M600 is a general purpose cleaner suitable for cleaning and degreasing bare metal, existing finishes, and primers. It is a non-aggressive solvent based cleaner. M600 is not recommended for plastic or fiberglass.

Item # 386324             M600 Wax and Grease Remover
Item # 385056             M600 Wax and Grease Remover Aerosol

Anti-Static Surface Cleaner

Anti-Static Surface Cleaner is an aggressive degreaser for cleaning bare metal, but also suitable for plastic and fiberglass. The cleaner also removed static charge from raw plastic and fiberglass.

Item # 385014             Anti-Static Surface Cleaner
Item # 391311             Anti-Static Surface Cleaner Aerosol

Grip-Gard T4000 All Plastic Cleaner

Grip-Gard T4000 All Plastic Cleaner is a mild solvent based cleaner for use on most plastic substrates. T4000 is also used as a paint remover for back sprayed signs.

Item # 386623             Grip-Gard T4000 All Plastic Cleaner

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