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Single Stage System

Single Stage System

Grip-Gard BC Single Stage Binders are specially blended acrylic resins which converts Grip-Gard Basecoat colors into a fast drying, durable single stage urethane topcoats.  With these systems both gloss and satin levels are achievable directly from the can.

Item # 483517
Item # 509753
Item # 397268
Item # 391264
Item # 391265
Item # 391266
Item # 391267
Item # 391268
Item # 481146
Item # 391270
Item # 481048
Item # 391271

Grip-Gard Basecoat Toners
#85 Single Stage Binder
#83 Single Stage Binder
#80 Single Stage Binder
Fast Reducer
Medium Reducer
Slow Reducer
Extra Slow Reducer
BC Clear Hardener
BC Clear Hardener Slow
BC Clear
BC Satin Clear
BC Low Gloss Clear

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