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Grip-Gard Universal Clear

Grip-Gard Universal Clear

​Designed for the sign industry, Grip-Gard Universal Clear is a unified and versatile clearcoat system offering the unsurpassed protection and durability that Grip-Gard is widely known for. Helping to reduce inventory complexity, Grip-Gard Universal Clear can conveniently be used with both Grip-Gard BC Basecoat and Grip-Gard EFx-LV systems.

Grip-Gard Universal Clear helps create additional depth and
shine to signage to optimize its visibility. While sustaining color,
it provides excellent flow and administers a flawless finish.

  • Low VOC options meet the needs of regulated and non-regulated markets.
  • Offered in high, satin, or low gloss ranges.
  • Produces a flawless finish with exemplary protection.
  • Conveniently works with both Grip-Gard product lines.
Item Numbers:

Grip-Gard Universal Clear High Gloss: 571430 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Universal Clear Satin Gloss: 563423 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Universal Clear Low Gloss: 563426 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Universal Hardener 3.5: 563553 (1GL)
Grip-Gard Universal Hardener 2.8: 563557 (1GL)

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