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Training Schedule and Manuals

Training Schedule and Manuals

AkzoNobel Sign Finishes believes the best way to learn is using a balance of classroom and hands-on instruction.  With this approach, participants leave our training courses with a thorough understanding of the material in both text book and practical applications.  

What's covered at a typical 2 day training class?

  • Health & Safety
  • The ABC's of Paint
  • Hands on application training in one of our state of art facilities
  • Proper spray equipment and set-up
  • Spray gun techniques
  • Surface preparation
  • Roles of solvents, pigments, binders, and additive in coatings
  • Complete product overview for all AkzoNobel's paint systems

​Participate in our hands on paint training classes.  

Click here for our latest schedule.
​Click on desired link below to download training manuals.  

Grip-Gard BC with Flex and Grip-Gard Plus
Grip-Gard BC and Grip-Gard BC Flex
Grip-Gard BC
Grip-Gard BC Flex
Grip-Gard Plus


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