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Global Solutions

Global Solutions

At AkzoNobel, our coatings don’t just protect our customers’ property. We also help to protect their brands. That’s because we ensure that a company’s brands and colors are applied with absolute accuracy – from signage and buildings to cars and planes. We offer coatings and paints for signage, architectural, decorative, automotive, aerospace, marine, protective and industrial applications.

If you have international or multiple paint technology projects, AkzoNobel now makes it easier for your company to complete these projects.


  • Saves resources - you now have easy access to our products, expertise, international  teams and resources via a single point of contact, freeing up your own people
  • Increased customer satisfaction - we can ensure product consistency around the world to maintain the performance of your products so your customers stay satisfied
  • Enhanced market reputation - color standards are globally controlled to maintain the visual appearance of your brand and signs, enhancing your reputation

Our staff, located throughout 80 countries, is here to provide you the solution for your need to maintain your current brand or carry out a total re-branding.

Click the link below to view the Global Solutions brochure:
Global Solutions Brochure.pdf

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