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At AkzoNobel, there's nothing more important to our success than color.

We pride ourselves in offering the type of durability with our colors to keep them looking vibrant and alive for years to come.  We are committed to delivering quality color solutions to our valued customers on a  daily basis and offer thousands of choices to help you find just the right color for your sign project. 

Explore over eight thousand colors from our internationally used Colormap.  New to our color offering is our Sign Finishes Color Palette Brochure consisting of 550 popular colors that reach across the entire color spectrum.  We also provide custom color matching and offer easy formula retrieval for many popular industry related color such as Pantone, 3M vinyl and most all competitive brands.  AkzoNobel provides free panel service to our customers to help you in your selection process or in identifying the correct color to be used in the field. 

Browse through our color palette brochure and order your color swatches today! 

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