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Superior Durability & UV Protection

Primer / Topcoat

North America
Canada (excludes
Gulf Coast & Florida)  

Gulf Coast &   Florida
U.S. Desert
South West, Mexico & Central America
All Grip-Gard ® Plus Topcoat
high, semi or satin gloss
 5 years 4 years 4 years
Grip-Gard ® Plus or Grip Gard BC System
with semi or satin clear-coat. 
 7 years 6 years 6 years
Grip-Gard ® Plus or Grip Gard BC System
with high gloss clear-coat.
 10 years 7 years 7 years

Durability and UV Protection
Durability has many beneficial aspects.  Having a tough outer coat protects the surface for a variety of manufactured sign substrates, allowing the finished sign product to maintain its color… longer. AkzoNobel achieves this by providing clear coats and pigmented products which contain UV properties that enhance product durability. In turn, film integrity and exibility are maintained for an extended time due to a slower breakdown of the technology that holds the paint film together. This means that come rain or shine your exterior surfaces that demand flexibility will be able to adapt; giving fewer cracks, and less flaking and chalking.

Gloss Levels

Gloss levels range from ultra-high gloss to matted finishes for both interior and exterior
sign products. The level of gloss which is specied determines the length of your warranty. Please reference chart below.

MSDS Test Data

Grip-Gard finishes have been tested for chemical resistance using ASTM test methods. Test results against a variety of substrates can be found on our website. ASTM test methods are widely used by the US Military, US Post Office, TSA and the US Federal government, as well as State and local governments this data is required.

ASTM Standards for Grip-Gard Plus click here.

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