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NEW Grip-Gard® EFx-LV System

The innovative, single-stage low VOC system is the new industry standard in color match and productivity.

  • Exact color match for the entire Dulux Master Color Palette

  • Single toner system for solid AND metallic colors in high gloss OR satin finishes

  • Proven fastest dry and handling times with improved ease of application

  • VOC & NESHAP compliant – 2.8 & 3.5lbs/gal and free of heavy metals

  • Backed by AkzoNobel global warranty

Grip-Gard® EFx-LV Webpage

New Primer:

Grip-Gard White Washprimer Light Enhancing is a chrome free, one-component self-etching primer for metal surfaces.  It is suitable for most substrates especially aluminum, steel and galvanized steel. 

Grip-Gard White Washprimer Light Enhancing offers:

  • Excellent long-term adhesion

  • Corrosion resistance properties

  • Chrome free

  • Time saving, no etching needed

  • Easy sprayability

GG White Washprimer LE.pdf

Ready Mix Colors for Grip-Gard BC System:

Grip-Gard BC System Ready Mix Colors were developed to match a series of popular industry colors.  The assortment includes 10 high-gloss and 5 satin single-stage colors, none of which require a clearcoat. 

For more information contact your AkzoNobel Sign Finishes representative or call our Techline at 1-(800) 618-1010.

Ready-Mix New Product Codes.pdf

New Binder: 

Grip-Gard BC System's Translucent is a
new binder which converts the Grip-Gard
BC toners into a fast drying, durable coating for backlit signs. 

Grip-Gard BC System Translucent offers:

  • Less mottling

  • Better coverage - fewer coats

  • Improved appearance

  • Easier sprayability

  • Excellent maskant lifting

BC Translucent Sell Sheet.pdf
GGBC Translucent Sell Sheet.pdf

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