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Special EFx on Display in Burlington, ON

Special EFx 1.jpg Special EFx 2.jpg Special EFx 3.jpg

We use Grip-Gard EFx for its ease of use and color selection. The overall quality of our finished product is always enhanced by the quality of the Grip-Gard EFx finish. We love the consistency of the product and can’t say enough positive things about our 16+ years of experience with AkzoNobel and its representatives.

Kevin Flanigan, Production Manager - Jones Neon Displays

Coastal Delaware Sign Maker Returns to Grip-Gard® by AkzoNobel Sign Finishes

Mountaire® entrusts its brand to Phillips Signs and AkzoNobel

"The first time I used Grip-Gard Plus back in the 1990s, I knew one thing for sure -- it was good paint. Easy to apply. But more than anything, this paint holds up to the elements. We are in a coastal area and much of our work is installed close to the Atlantic Ocean. You could not have a much more hostile environment for painted products. The salt air seems to find its way into any crack or crevice and start the corrosion process. And the sun is relentless on any type of paint finish. I have some signs that were painted with Grip-Gard 10-15 years ago that still look good. I've used competitive paint systems that failed within three years in this environment. I'm so glad I switched back to AkzoNobel; like I said, Grip-Gard is good paint."

Ben Phillips, Owner – Phillips Signs, Inc.

Ease of Application and Value Experienced in Ontario


These signs are looking sharp and made to last with Grip-Gard Sign Finishes by AkzoNobel

"We find the Grip-Gard products by AkzoNobel Sign Finishes to be more forgiving than other competitive products, in terms of being able to apply both thick and thin coats consistently. We also find the products to be of slightly better value pricewise than competitive products we have evaluated.  The combination of high quality and attractive price makes it a desired option for us."

 Jason Schwandt, President – Brooks Signs

Blue Bird Graphic Solutions is Flying High with Grip-Gard

Blue Bird.jpg

Grip-Gard easily matches the most challenging colors

"There is no product out there like Grip-Gard by AkzoNobel Sign Finishes. Between the flash times, the versatility and the color I can create, the things I can do with this product do not even compare to other products. The ability to create incredible colors and easily switch from single stage to basecoat are amazing; and the dry times are like no other."

"Customer service at AkzoNobel is also the best. Any time I have ever had an issue, someone is there to immediately help me and my issue is always resolved."

Steven Zarba – Finishing Director, Blue Bird Graphic Solutions

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